Certainty is Uncertainty

Have you ever been in the situation when you have made up your mind about something and told yourself this is final. All is set! 

Then, in a couple of days, wind of change came, shaking your feelings and thoughts you were so determined!? And in the end you had to abandon all the end-goal you have wished to achieve? 

Well… certainty is uncertainty, we better always be ready to adjust and things go…

The more we get attached, the more we get hurt…



When gadget is more excited to a girl than branded bags

Hermes.. LV.. Balenciaga.. Prada

No la…

Not every girl is fancy about those luxurious thingy

Mine has to be newest model gadget which sometimes is over-useless,, wahahaha ;p

Isn’t it feel soooo good when you’ve got something cool?

Look at that headphone! It gives you superb sound! And the comfortable of the unattached keyboard which could be used with up to 3 devices!

Ahh…. I feel so good today 🙂

Some said, it is just the same feeling with those fashionable girls out there having got the brand new bag for the first time…


What do you think?

Music cure your soul

People have different methods of how to deal with bad moods and frustrations.. The sooner you find ones the easier it is to tackle with the swing of emotions..

Music has always been my life’s saviour. Waking up moody? I just put on my headphone and sing out loud my favourite tunes and 1..2..3.. boom! gone!

It works wonder!

Linger on bad feelings never get you anywhere, so find yours now… life is too short to keep swearing on everything that makes you pissed!

Good day 🙂

Recommend track:  Cayman Island/ Kings of Convenience

:  Mr. Salesman/ Clazziquai

: Every song from SCRUBB Band